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Turn Your Estate Into A High-Class Vacation Destination

There are multiple benefits of owning a vineyard. The sight of a healthy, fruity-smelling vineyard is enough to elevate your estate to an enviable retreat destination for anyone. It can be the perfect place to entertain your guests while offering them a glass of your wine, or an unparalleled environment for your children or grandchildren to have fun and run around carefree.

If you have an older vineyard that’s facing low yields or diseases, new plants can restore your vineyard’s health and increase your yield. You deserve a high quality vineyard, specially chosen for you and your estate.

Turn Your Vineyard Into A Profitable Business Opportunity

There is something special about enjoying the fruits of your labor, around a table, with the people you love. But besides the rewarding feeling of consuming wine and eating grapes you grew yourself, the vineyard lifestyle can also become a profitable business.

We all know Napa Valley and our surrounding areas offer an optimal location for vineyards and high-end winemaking. It’s world-renowned for its wine and food, so if you have an empty plot then a vineyard could be a smart investment for you. You can sell the grapes to a winery and make your own wine, or just use the vineyard to increase your property’s value. 

With Nuñez Vineyard Management, you’ll have guidance through the whole process. We even offer assistance on how to produce, market, and sell your very own bottle of wine.

How It Works

A new vineyard development can be a difficult project to engage with, and if you want the best results, you should consider hiring professionals. We do all the work so you don’t have to. We’ve designed a streamlined process that covers the whole project, with no effort from you.

Please Contact Us

The first step is to get in touch with us and send us a few pictures of your space. Describe your vision for your vineyard and we’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to learn more about your needs.

We Get To Work

We’ll guide you in choosing the best vines for your area’s soil and weather conditions, as well as your personal taste in grapes and wine. After all the details are set, we get to work on installing your vineyard.

Enjoy Your Vineyard

Your dream vineyard is ready and you now have a beautiful estate with the potential of a successful business. Get ready to live the vineyard lifestyle together with your family and friends.

Vineyard Development Pricing

low density vineyard

Low Density Vineyard Development*

Starting At $50k

1,089 vines per acre with 8′ x 5′ spacing

medium density vineyard

Medium Density Vineyard Development*

Starting At $55k

1,555 vines per acre with 7′ x 4′ spacing

high density vineyard

High Density Vineyard Development*

Starting At $60k

1,815 vines per acre with 6′ x 4′ spacing

*The prices above are averages and may change depending on your location and the rock content in your soil. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique vineyard development after the at-home consultation.


We've put together a gallery of projects to show you what's possible for your vineyard. Browse below to find your inspiration and we'll bring your vision to life.


We are proud of our customers’ opinion of us. Read what they say about our team and services.


Mike and his team have been farming and providing ultra premium pinot noir for our wine program since 2003. 

Mike’s team has also developed vineyards to our standards to ensure our fruits characteristic reach its highest potential.

Scott Rich, Talisman Wine


Mike and his team developed our vineyard in 2007, advising us on sustainability practices, implementing dry farming techniques, and meticulously hand-cultivating vines for an intense, ultra premium Cabernet Sauvignon.

We have appreciated and admired Mike’s commitment to staying on top of developments in viticulture, and changing conditions in the environment, to ensure that his crew is always on the leading edge. For a small brand like ours, following best practices ensures that we stay competitive with bigger producers.

Mike’s easy collaboration with our winemakers, buyers, and others makes working with him a breeze. He is unfailingly responsive when things come up, and thoughtful in problem-solving, and his crews emulate his friendly spirit of cooperation.

Dan and Kim Johnson, Okapi Wines


Nuñez Vineyard Management has managed our vineyard for over six years. Dry farming techniques are implemented to bring out the richest and concentrated flavor for our wine brand. 

NVM was also responsible for certifying our vineyard organic through CCOF.

Dom Pochee, Next Door Wines

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